Water Damage Restoration in Roanoke, AL


Water Damage Restoration in Roanoke, AL


Water Damage Restoration in Roanoke, AL

Premium Pack-out Services

When the scope of the fire and smoke damage in your home or business requires extensive construction to facilitate the necessary repairs, SRG provides premium pack-out services. Our team will completely pack, inventory and move the  entire contents of your home or business to our state of the art contents cleaning and storage facility. Upon arriving at our facility, your contents are processed, thoroughly cleaned and deodorized, re-packaged with clean packing material and boxes then stored until the repairs on your structure have been completed.

Any items that SRG is not able to restore to a pre-loss condition are photographed, cataloged and stored for inspection by your insurance adjuster. Copies of the documentation are provided to the property owner and the insurance carrier. At conclusion of the construction, your clean contents are returned to your business  or residence and reset according to your direction.

On Site Cleaning

When the scope of damage does not warrent contents removal for the necessary structural repairs to be effected, SRG can bring the same level of cleaning and deodorization sophistication directly to your residence or business. Our team will bring our mobile cleaning equipment on site to provide superior structural cleaning, contents cleaning and deodorization services.

Our Cleaning Facility

Southern Restoration Group has a 10,000 square foot contents cleaning and storage facility. Our cleaning systems include state of the art pre-soak and ultrasonic cleaning equipment, electronics cleaning and drying equipment, industrial washers and dryers, oriential rug cleaning equipment, upholstry cleaning equipment, and ozone deodorizing chamber.

Our facilities are extremely clean and secure. Rest assured that your contents will be handled professionally and will be safe with us. You will be welcome to inspect our facilities at any time while we are in possession of your contents.

Structural Cleaning and Deodorization

Whether the packing-out of your contents is involved or if the cleaning of your contents is done on-site at your business or residence, SRG technicians will thoroughly clean and deodorize the structure and prepare it for the structural repairs to be effected.

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